10 Most Often Re-used Car Parts

Drive shaft

Replacement drive shaft

Certain car parts tend to be changed far more often in the lifetime of a vehicle than others. Below in reverse order, are the ten parts which we most frequently get asked to change.

10. Door Handles and Locks

Such a small part of the vehicle and yet so vital. Find yourself without a working lock or broken door handle and you can find that your car becomes all but unusable. A small issue but a big problem. JD Power who sponsor the annual Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS) for cars, report that close to 1% of car owners need to replace their door handle or lock every year. A small percentage but as a significant number of people when you consider the number of car owners in the UK.

9. The Electronic Car Key

Electronic car keys including passive entry and remote entry ones are much loved by many drivers but also mean a headache for many drivers, in that these keys are number 9 in our list. The number of replacements annually tends to closely match the number of lock and car door replacements at around one per cent of car owners annually.


8. Ignition Coils

Ignition Coils is one of the more difficult issues to isolate compared to car keys or locks for example and often need a diagnostic test, in order for the problem often to be clear. The coils are essential in the smooth running of the ignition system, the coils important in how the spark plugs work. The good news is that changing the coils is a relatively inexpensive problem to replace. This affects around two per cent of cars annually.

7. Wiper Motor

A small and relatively cheap and easy part to replace but one which nevertheless can be very useful is the wiper motor. A broken wiper motor can render the windscreens wiper blades useless unable  to wipe the windscreen at the correct time or worst not wipe the windscreen at all. This part is important for an efficient wiping system for the windscreen and should be replaced if it fails.

6. Tyres and Wheels

There is a certain level indecisive time in when you need to change your tyres given that it is a gradual degradation and not always clear. Changing tyres at the right time though is essential if you want to be driving safely because worn tyres are a serious issue and the cause of far too many accidents. Wheel and tyre problems are also one of the biggest causes of breakdown according to the AA. Changing a car tyre or wheel is probably most of us have had to do at one time. (Learn about replacing car tyres).

5. Seat Belts

Seat belts are something which despite the initial desire of many not to use them when they were made mandatory to wear in 1983, are now something which we now automatically use and have come to appreciate as a vital utility within a car. Having functioning seat belts is now law and statistically proven to be a life saver for motorists.


4. Fuel Injector

It goes without saying that without fuel, you will not be travelling too far unless the whole journey is down hill. The fuel injector enables the petrol or diesel to travel between the fuel tank and the engine so it goes without saying that this is a vital working part. Fuel injectors general should be installed by a qualified mechanic. Attention should be made to check the newly installed injector to ensure that there are no leaks and diagnostics information collected to ensure the part is working smoothly.

3. Head Lights and Back Lights

The back lights and head lights are quite a commonly replaces part/s and often come in the MOT as needing to be changed. The good news is that lights are quite easy and inexpensive to change on most cars and quite easy and quick for a mechanic to change, especially if your car is already in for an MOT.

2. Window Regulator

Most cars these days are electronic and this includes for the window regulator. Probably the hardest part of this replacement part if finding a new or used part which fits the model of car in question. A qualified and experiences mechanic can usually replace this part quite easily.

1. Alternator

Buying a used alternator is possible as a used part and this piece helps to control the recharging of the main battery to keep your car continually running. The alternator, as the name suggests, helps to alternate the battery in that it changes to current to the battery according to how high or low the voltage to your battery is. This stops the battery from overheating or from not being charged sufficiently.

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