4 Best Driving Experiences in Wales and England

Fast driving experiences

There are a number of great opportunities to experience driving the best and fastest cars and in a place designed exactly for this kind of experience and below I am going to give my favourite places that I have been to for experiencing the fast and the furious! Let me know your favourites.

Wales – Llandow Driving Experiences

Based in South Wales and offering for car and bike experiences, there are a number of experiences to choose from. I chose though to try the “Three Supercar” experience whereby you select 3 of the 6 supercars to drive each for 3 laps around the circuit. You can choose from cars that include the following:

  • Lamborghini Gallardo
  • Aston Martin
  • Maserati
  • Audi R8
  • Chevrolet Camaro
  • Porsche Boxter

Expect to spend around two hours at the circuit. Its quite close to both Cardiff and an easy drive from Newport and available as long as you have full driving license. You can also take friends or family to watch as spectators if you wish! (Book here!)

Forest Rally School, Wales

Another wonderful experience and one that I am still buzzing about even though I did it last year is the Rally driving School experience in Powys, Mid-Wales. David Higgins originally founded this rally school and is now run by Ross Leach (Citroen rally champion). This driving experience means the chance to experience life as a real rally driver, driving through a designated area of the forest in mid-Wales, under professional guidance.

These experience start from £200 and they cater for drivers of different levels from complete beginner (as a rally driver) through to the more experienced. Driving time depends on whether you book the half or full day, the shorter course a 2 mile rally drive and the later a 7 mile drive. You will get the chance to try and variety of skills including hand brake turns and power sliding!!! hear enough? Youc an book via Forest Rally.

4×4 Off Road Driving School, Wales

woodford 4x4 driving

In the countryside of Pembrokeshire, Wales, another experience I have tried and can highly recommend is the 4×4 driving school and lessons, that are organised by “Wood Park Off Road” driving school. I did not get to try it but they also have a JCB digger experience that I would have liked also to try, but the 4×4 lesson was a wonderful experience.

Woof Park offer one or two day lessons and these courses include the chance to try:

  • Cross axle driving
  • Hill climbs and descents
  • Terrain evaluation
  • Ramp approaches and departures.

A great day out! Learn more via Woodpark-offroad.com

Silverstone – The Radical Driving Experience

My favourite experience to date and one I highly recommend is the chance to drive three and a half miles around Silverstone race course for 14 laps in a Radical SR3! This experience overall takes one and a half hours but will stick in your mind long term as the thrill of driving at speed around this famous circuit is a unique opportunity.

In truth I did spend twice as long getting to the circuit as I spent driving around Silverstone itself, but the chance to drive such as vehicle at high speed is exhilarating. My advice also is too book for the spring or summer if there is availability because my first booking was cancelled because of the weather i.e. icy conditions. You also need to be aged 24 or over! You can book here.

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