Abergavenny Scrap Car Collection Service

Driving to Abergavenny

Abergavenny is one of the locations that sits within our local service area for

  • Over 2000 vehicles salvaged and recovered, recycled and taken away
  • We serve Abergavenny and all local villages in the area.
  • We have experienced and friendly staff who can assist you.
  • We collect vehicles that are in a range of condition.
  • Especially welcome are vehicles that are 2010 and newer.

We have been in the business of retrieving and disposing of vehicles that are broken down, have met the end of their natural life, or that have been written off by an accident, for over 10 years. Over the years we have provided a great service for hundreds of happy customers and we are proud to be able to server the Abergavenny locak area.

The process is very simple! You call us. We collect your car. You get paid. That’s it!

You can start the process by first calling us on telephone: 01495 687 687 and we will take details on your vehicle. We will give you a no obligation quote. If you then decide to use our service, we very often can collect the vehicle next day or within 48 hours including if the vehicle is in a hard to reach location, such as beside a road.

We do not charge for collecting vehicles and we dispose of vehicles to comply fully with the governments environmental policies.  We welcome all inquiries and look forward to helping you get rid of that vehicle which needs removing from your home, workplace or other location.


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