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Scrap audi in Brecon

The Brecon Beacons national park area is a stunning part of Wales and a beautiful one through which to drive. Unfortunately though, on the drive through Brecon and in the town of Brecon cars are still prone to break down from time to time and that is where we can help!

We are Wales based and provide the following services in Brecon:

  • Vehicle salvage and that includes for cars stuck road-side and any location at all.
  • Money for your car and no fees needed from you! How can we do this? We do use some of the spare parts from the car and this is how we benefit, whilst you benefit from free removal of your vehicle and cash for the parts!
  • Complete and safe disposal of the vehicle including the dangerous liquids such as from the car battery and all other fluids. Disposal of vehicles needs to meet government legislation and we provide this service for you!
  • Friendly, polite and very professional staff. We take customer service seriously.
  • We also sell spare parts if you are in two minds about whether you wish to trash your vehicle or are able to fix damaged parts of the vehicle.
  • We accept any condition i.e. cars which you just want rid off, which are write-offs from an accident, old and retired vehicles. Call us!


Brecon Town

Brecon village

If you are visiting the area of Brecon make sure to consider the:

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