Best Drives in Wales worth Experiencing

driving through snowdonia

1. Snowdonia

Driving from Pembrokeshire and through Snowdonia in Wales is one of the most beautiful trips I have experienced in the UK and is a must drive route. Enjoy some stunning views of the mountains, the bucolic valleys and escape to a tranquil area of great natural beauty. Make sure to go along the Llanberis Pass on the A4086 for some of very best views. Furthermore, make sure to include the Pass of Aberglaslyn on the A498, going from from Porthmadogon. Take this route and the mountainous views are striking.

Without meaning to spoil the experience for you, take a look at this video below of part of the route:

2. Elan Valley

A great family drive, the Elan Valley is a favourite with many people. Known by some as the Welsh Lake District, this area is home to a reservoir and numerous small lakes and some stunning countryside views and spots. If you have time I would recommend to stop off at the Nant y Gro Dam and to do the guided tour of the dam if you possibly can. This half a day tour includes the chance to go inside the dam.

If you enjoy hairpins and challenging routes to give your car a workout, then make sure to include the drive to Craig Goch in the Elan Valley.

Personally I would also recommend to do this drive in the summer time i.e. on a sunny day if possible, so that you can enjoy the views that come with this stunning location.

Caban Coch, Elan Valley

The Elan Valley

3. Black Mountain Pass

The Black Mountain Pass is yet another route that provides a stunning scenic route and is one that delivers a fun challenge for drivers, with a number of turns and hairpins during the journey.  This pass uses the A4069 and is infamous for its twists and turns and the challenges faced as a driver.

This road in fact because well known as a result of the television programme Top Gear  with Jeremy Clarkson having driven this route. As a result for this media coverage, a lot of testing for bikes and cars now takes place on this pass. (Read more about this pass from WalesOnline). I would recommend if you take this route to also make a point to visit Carreg Cennen and , and Dinefwr castles.

Watch a hair raising drive along the Black Mountain pass below:

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