5 Best Motor and Car Shows in the UK Annually


For all of us car and motor lovers, there are a number of motor shows which take place annually in the UK for us to visit. I regularly go to all of these shows and my favourites are listed below. Hope to see you at one of these shows in the neat future!

Canary Wharf Motor Expo – London

This is an excellent show which takes place in London and New York each year and attracts many of the worlds leading car companies and this is a free event. A great chance to see cars such as the Abarth 695 biposto, the latest Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Rolls Royce, Porsche and Lamborghini models, amongst many other high spec cars. This show as you have probably guessed, specialises in high-end cars, cars which tend to be beyond my budget but which one still has the chance to experience and explore.

A relatively new breed of British made light-weight sports cars which I particularly like and which you might find interesting is the Zenos Cars range.


Zenos Sports car range

  • Further information from: www.motorexpo.com)
  • When: June each year
  • Entrance Cost: Free

Just head down into Canary Wharf and signage will direct you to the show.

Performance Car Show – Birmingham

The Birmingham NEC Exhibition Centre is an excellent and vast location which I always greatly enjoying visiting for shows such as the ‘Performance Car Show’. This show is a fantastic event for all the family and is a show, attraction and everything rolled into in that you can for example see:

  • Formula 1 cars up close and personal. Take a selfie with a Rd Bull or McClaren F1 car.
  • Watch one of the spectacular car or motor-cycle displays in the ‘Live Action Arena’
  • See all of the latest high-performance cars from around the world

  • Further information from: www.performancecarshow.com
  • When: January each year
  • Entrance Cost: Prices vary. Typical adult ticket is £35 but if attending with a family, you can also consider a family ticket.

Do not that the first 2 days of the show tend normally to be for the trade only (i..e those working in the motor industry). The final 2 days of this 4 day show if when the general public can attend. Do also watch out for the ‘Coys Auction’ which usually takes place. A number of rare and highly collectible motors go up for auction. Whether or not you have the funds to join in the auction, it can be worth viewing if only to see the cars involved.

Goodwood Festival of speed

A favourite of many speed and car enthusiasts in the UK is the annual and much loved ‘Festival of Speed’. Ex racing drivers and present day F1 drivers, MotoGP racres such as Valentino Rossi tend to attend this event which is a four-day celebration of vehicles old and new. If you have never to be the Festival of Speed, I would highly, highly recommend this event.

Speed is celebrated at all levels including the history of speed and also included a number of live event such as the Hill Tests, which puts some of the worlds best drivers up against some of the best cars ever designed.

Cheshire Auto Show

Perhaps one of the lesser known shows in the UK but once which I have enjoyed over the years, in Tatton park. This is especially good for the number of classic cars on show. Old sports old, American classics, classic convertibles and supercars. Having spent a few years living in the United States in the past, of these events at Tatton park, I especially enjoy the American Car Show, which is a fun event with a strong stars and stripes theme to the 2 day show

TRAFFEX – Birmingham (UK)

This event is not so much one aimed at car and motor enthusiasts but is one which I find very interesting and fascinating to attend and is a show which you might also enjoy. The show covers all aspects of traffic ie from the stand-point of a driver, cyclist, stakeholder and local government. This show provides the chance to see the futuristic ideas which might change our roads in the future and the transportation systems being considered.

Olympia Exhibition Centre

Olympia Exhibition Centre

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