How to Buy Spare Car Parts

Used porsche engine

In the guide below I provide an explanation of the various options open to you if you need to buy replacement parts for your car. Car parts understandably need to be replaced after a certain time and buying parts new can be a very expensive option and is often unnecessary. Re-conditioned parts are much cheaper and are normally guaranteed. So let me tell you the options for buying used car parts:

Understanding the Car Part you need

If you have not already seen our directory on each car part and exactly where to find the parts code for each piece, do not worry as I will explain again here. Each car part normally has its own parts number and you need to find this serial number before trying to buy the replacement part. Below you can see a spare part and the location of the serial code for a heater blower part.

Blower parts number

Where to find the parts number

Boch heat blower number

Bosch heater blower parts number sample

I would also recommend to try and find the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) because you might be asked for this when buying the part you need. You should be able to find the number by looking at the outside of the drivers side windshield. If you can not see it there the take a look inside the car on the driver’s side door.

Find the Spare Part

SHOP ONLINE: One of the easiest ways to buy used car parts is to go online.
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Parts NOT to buy Reconditioned

Not every car part should be bought second hand i.e. certain parts are best bought new because they tend to become too worn and should be completely replaced. These parts in particular are best bought new:

Windscreen Wiper Blades

Windscreen wipers do degrade over time as the blades start to suffer the effects of wear and tear and being pummeled with rain, dirt, mud and other materials. A new set of wipers will often cost no more than £15 or so and you might as well buy new. Halfords can be worth checking. (Make sure though first to look at out guide on how to find the serial code for wipers).

Oil Filter

This is a very important part in that you really need the filter to be working in order that you avoid damaging any other car parts. The oil filter will need replacing over time and this I recommend also to buy new.

Exhaust System

One you get a hole or a crack in the exhaust system, this part can be problematic and from experience, I would actually suggest to buy this part new. The system can often crack again even when fixed.

How to Replace the Car Parts

Use a professional – If you live in the Newport area give us a call on telephone: 0117 904 7508 and we can discuss your needs. If you live further afield then a local garage should be able to help you to fit the replacement part.

Learn how to do it – Some of you may be keen to reduce costs and there is a massive amount of help and resources now available to help. can be a wonderful resource with numerous videos on how to replace car parts. Here’s a great example:

10 Minute Radiator Replacement (Most Cars)


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