Tips and Advice on Buying a Used or Second Hand Part Online

Wheel brace
If you are looking to repair your car, van or even a salvage auction car or van, buying a quality guaranteed used  part makes economic sense to repair it.  Ordering online is easy, quick and convenient saving you time and money (if it’s done correctly). The part is delivered to your door usually the next day and you can save up to 75% of the cost on what a brand new part would otherwise set you back.

Ordering the correct part

Weather you buy a new or used part, it is a well known fact in the motor industry that it can be difficult to get the correct part, because of upgrades or face lifts to a model in it’s length of production. The only way you can be sure of receiving the correct part is to match up the part number which can be found on the part you are looking to replace. Ever part has a part number on it and using this part number when ordering the part you require will ensures you receive the correct part.

Ordering responsibly

Ordering from a company that is established is probably the best option because they tend  to be professional at what they do and have learnt from their mistakes, so are in a good position to provide a good all-round service. They can offer you different ways to make your payment, they will have well trained staff ready to help, and they normally have in place a reliable courier to deliver your parts. Company’s that are on sites such as Ebay can be checked by reading their feedback performance to gauge how good they are. A simple trick is to ignore the best 20% and the worst 20% of the feedback, and you will have a good understanding of their general trustworthiness. This could save you a lot of hassle and frustration after the transaction. If you do have an issue with a transaction, contact the seller and they will work with you to resolve any issue. If ordering a large number of parts from a company such as AllCarSpares, one option is to organise a freight shipment with Bristol based RSJ International for the car parts.

Used Parts

A well run Company selling used parts online will have in place a system that ensures only good parts are taken off a car or van that they are dismantling for parts. An experienced dismantler will select only the serviceable parts from the car or van they are dismantled. Their parts will be stored on clean dry shelving or racking rather than in a dam dirt corner of a garden or shed. They will have a rapid turn over of parts so you will not receive a part that has been stood around for a long time.

Feel good Factor

When you purchase a used or second hand car or van part you are of course saving the environment and saving money up to 75% off main dealers prices.

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