Car Drivers Christmas Shopping List and Gift Suggestions

Miniature car gift

Miniature car gift – Image courtesy of Maxpixel

It’s that time of year again and you may be looking for that special gift for a partner, family member or for the secret santa gift exchange at work, and be struggling for gift ideas. If you know that the recipient is a car fanatic, the following gifts might be worth considering.

Car Gifts Under £20

1. Miniature Collectible Cars

These nifty little car models look fantastic on a mantelpiece or in a display cabinet and can make for great secret santa gifts or for a stocking filler. Depending on the model you get the prices can range from £5 through to as high as £30 but for a larger model. A great place to find these collectible model cars on on eBay on the ‘Miniature Cars section‘.

2. Windshield Snow Cover

Very useful in this winter weather, buying a windshield snow cover is a cheap and worthwhile idea, if you wish to make it much easier to get started each morning. These covers range from £10 to £25 and can be used to protect against ice, snow and the sun. You can buy from suppliers such as Amazon i.e. for just over the £10 the wind proof all in model is worth considering.

A snow cover available for your car from Amazon online.

3. McLaren DVD

For around £7 (depending on where you buy it from) a DVD from 2017 that I highly recommend if you are interested in F1 in any way, is “McLaren”. This fascinating story tells the history and rise of the McLaren F1 team to the present day, following the exploits of Bruce McLaren, the founder.

McClaren DVD

Gifts over £20

4. Arteck Car Jump Starter

This is a product I absolutely love having bought one myself! It is amazing. Not only can this hand-sized item start your car if the battery is dead (without needing to using another car and without needing to call someone such as the RAC), it also charges iPhones and iPads. Not only that, it also acts as a flashlight or torch. It does it all! At just under £30 this is worth every penny and I cannot recommend it highly enough. You can buy the Arteck jump starter below.

5. F1 Clock

I absolutely adore this F1 clock and if anyone wants to buy me one they are most welcome to. This stylish clock that is normally priced around £130 uses a real used F1 gear that has been used previously by the Lotus F1 team! What an amazing gift for any Formula one fan with a piece of history sat on your desk in the form of a stylish clock. This is sold by

For sale from Momento Exclusives

6.  The Classic Car Book

The Classic Car Book – an excellent xmas gift

Available from DK Books and priced at £25, this is a great book for anyone interested in classic cars and who is akin to collecting books on cars. This boos is composed of 320 pages and is a compedium of all the best classic cars and is a book that proudly on my bookshelf at home. Another great book from DK!

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