What is an End of Life Vehicle and Dismantling

2011 scrap car

A 2011 car ready to be dismantled as an ELV.

You may have heard of the term “End of Life” car or vehicle and wondered what exactly is meant by this term. So let me explain in some detail below:

End of Life  vehicles

An end of life vehicle or car is one that has reached the end of its life-cycle and that needs to be scrapped. These vehicles can be called ELV’s for short and they generally come in two forms:

1. Natural ELV

A car that has been running for fifteen or twenty years and which in general is failing and is showing clear signs or wear and tear throughout the vehicle, is a vehicle that one might say has reached its natural end.

2. Premature ELV

Some cars such as a 2010, 2011 or later car that needs to be scrapped, can be considered premature ELV’s because this is far too short of an amount of time to be considered an acceptable time frame for the total life of the vehicle. Premature ELV’s commonly occur because the car in question has been in a road accident and has been written off and can no longer be used.


Regulations and Procedures

The UK government have put into place a set of regulations that guide the scrapping of end-of-life vehicles and this is done for a number of reasons. Primarily though the need to ensure that vehicles are scrapped safely is one of the keys, particularly given the dangerous liquids that can be found in vehicles.

There are a number of ways to scrap your vehicle but the key point is that it is essential that you do so in a legal way that, for example, uses a registered disposal facility. As a company, we at Your Car Spares provide such a service, whereby we ensure:

  • Safe disposal of your vehicle in line with existing regulations i.e. in line with the End of Life Vehicles Directive.
  • Paperwork for the DVLA that you need to send them is taken care of.

What is Dismantling all about

If you are curious as to an example of how ELV’s are dismantled you certainly might enjoy this video:

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