Fitting Second Hand Tyres to your Car. Motorhome or Caravan

Fitting used tyres

Mobile Service

If you find yourself with a flat a tyre/s and have no spare to replace it with, it is certainly worth considering using a mobile service to come out to your location and replace the tyre/s. Doing it this way will save you the expense of having to have your car transported on the back of a recovery truck to a tyre fitting shop. To save you even more money a cheaper option would be to have second hand tyre/s fitted especially if you find yourself with more than one flat tyre.

An experienced technician will come out to where you are whether you are at Home, at work or on the roadside.

Buying Second Hand

Research has revealed that many Britons are turning to the second hand tyre market to save money; 1.9 million Britons bought part-worn tyres, previously used on MOT failures, accident damaged or non-runners. The obvious benefits to buying a good second hand tyre is it saves you money and saves the environment but of course like most things you must shop responsibly, buy from a reputable Company who will examine each and every tyre checking the tyre/s condition to see if it is faulty and legally road worthy.


You can understand main stream tyre fitting company’s saying “buying a second hand tyre is a serious safety risk”! Well they would given that they are of course trying to protect their own self interests. You again have these one sided articles from quite frankly people who have not got their finger on the pulse and do not understand from time to time we might not have the funds to buy new. They are focused on the negatives, and have not looked at the positives which a good investigation should do.

“They lack a simple understanding that a half worn Continental Sport Contact, is safer and more cost effective than buying a new Admiral budget.” – Dean

When you buy one of the millions of used cars sold every year in the UK, you are buying 5 second hand tyres with it. These tyres go through the same driving conditions as the second hand tyres you can purchase from a reputable second-hand tyre dealer yet the problems you get from these millions of tyres are minimal.

Condition of Second-hand Tyre/s

Buying from a reputable second-hand tyre dealer the Tyre/s will go through a number of checks to make sure they are not faulty and are legally road worthy. The checks consist of checking for damage to the wall of the tyre, checking the tread, checking for cracks and other damage (inside and out). A reputable Company will not want the bad publicity that goes with selling a faulty tyre or a tyre that is not legally road worthy. It is in their interest to have happy Customers….

So buy a good second-hand tyre with plenty of tread. However when we find ourselves in a situation where our funds are not good then a good second-hand tyre that will see us through the next couple of months will have to do.

Seven times more People buy a part worn tyre in the North West than those in the South West or East Midlands saving them up to 75%. Court convictions for driving on defective tyres are at a four year high.

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