Future Technology & Gadgets in the Automotive Industry

Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) communication.

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Car and automotive manufacturers are continually looking to embrace new technologies and a number of gadgets and tools are evolving that are quite exciting and innovate. Below a look at some of the future technologies that you might soon see in your own vehicle!

Car to Car Communication (V2V)

In the future you can expect vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communication to exist as cars talk to each other. A technology already being tried and tested in the United States, this involves two technologies that will enable cars to talk to each other, making it possible for improved safety as two cars approaching each other head-on, for example, will realise the danger. As you approach a junction, your car or the car approaching would automatically slow down or take safe evasive action automatically. You yourself as the driver might not be aware of the danger but the vehicles themselves will be!

The technology will warn of any potential accidents using the wireless technology to receive and send information between the cars. it is being developed in such a way that it can apply emergency brakes to avoid any potential collisions. The V2V technology is already being applied by manufacturers like Ford. It is expected to help reduce the number of road accidents on our roads by a possible half. It might also, in the future, be further developed to allow vehicle communication with the traffic lights.

  • Expected: In one to three years time.
  • Further Information: V2V Review.

How V2V Comms will work

AR glass

The use of what is known as AR glass is another great technology for the future for cars. Imagine a display on your windshield that tells  you of any possible damage or issues with your engine, as well suggesting replacements. This technology will allow you to have a complete visual knowledge of the vehicle without taking your eyes from the windshield. Car manufacturers such as Toyota, Ford, and BMW have already begun the application of the AR glass technology that will also allow passengers to zoom in on objects that are far from the car by even calculating the distance.

Whole Car Air Bags

In an attempt to reduce the number of accidents that are happening on our roads, Mercedes is working on another fascinating idea. The invention of airbags has already helped in reducing accidents. We have seen the seat belt airbags and side airbags. In the future, also expect the whole car to be protected from any potential damage. This will be through the production of airbags from underneath the vehicle. They are designed to stop the car hence avoiding crashes. They have sensors that track the possible level of damage to be caused. They then produce bags that apply friction on the road and bring the car to a halt. They airbags are capable of lifting the car up to 8 centimeters from the ground.

Autonomous Vehicles

You may have already read our previous post on autonomous vehicles, These vehicles ware expected to be available within the next 5 years and will mean that we do not need to drive ourselves. The technology will enable computers to completely navigate without any human intervention. This is arguably one of the greatest developments that could affect our roads and there are significant challenges still faced in ensuring the safety of people using these vehicles, as well as the safety of other road users. Tests are still ongoing as many companies race to be corner this market.

Reconfigurable Body Panels

Another interesting development expected in the future is reconfigurable body panels. Imagine sliding off the carbon body of an SUV and leaving your car as glass panels. The technology allows you to have the two bodies in one car. the SUV body panels are being made in a way such that they can also act as solar panels.

Bio-metric Vehicle Accesses

Many of us have witnessed the revolution from car keys to remotes. In the near future, we are looking at this evolving further to allow us to gain access to our vehicles using our fingerprints. The technology might also be further developed to enable the retina from our eyes to be identified to unlock our car. The concept is similar to that being used to protect our mobile phones that companies such as Apple have recently introduced.

Active Health Monitoring

This will be achieved by allowing your car to get vital statistics of your general body health. Working with your smartphone, the technology makes sure that using wireless communication, you are diagnosed for any health problems. For example, when under a heart attack, the technology allows your body to send a signal to the car which then pulls over and alerts the paramedics.

The four-cylinder supercar

We already have manufacturers such as Ford who have begun working on this project. With the current achievements, we are expecting a super-car with less weight that could as well reach over 600 horsepower.


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