Money Saving Tips for Drivers

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Driving in Bristol

A few years ago I realised that a lot of costs associated with driving and car vehicle costs are negotiable and other costs can be reduced. I now save hundreds of pounds each year by following a couple of very simple techniques, techniques which I will now share with you below. They work every time for me, year in year out!

Cheaper Car Insurance

Most of you will already be aware of price comparison sites such as USwitch and Compare The Market, but there is another way to indirectly use these sites to your advantage. If you have been with the same car insurance company for several years, as I have, you will normally get a quote posted to you just before your car insurance is due. On receiving this quote, what I always do is search the price comparison sites for the best deals, but whilst ensuring that you are comparing like for like i.e. the same services. If legal cover, replacement vehicle etc are included in your existing policy, make sure the deal you look for offers the exact same.

Take the best deal you can find and then phone up your existing provider and tell them that you have been with them for x number of years and that you are planning to leave them because you have found a much better deal. They will almost always price match the deal you have found! In the last 5 years, my existing company have either already offered me the best overall deal anyway, or (in 3 instances) my existing provider has agreed to price match the other offer I had found online.

The key to understand is that MOST insurance companies have NEGOTIABLE RATES! They actually allow for negotiation and already have a % which they are wiling to drop if a customer calls to ask for a better rate! I actually have reduced other household bills and insurance policies using this very same strategy, saving hundreds of pounds a year in cost.

  • Saving: £59 this year (My quote was £391. I eventually paid £332 for the very same policy with the very same car insurance company).

Reducing your Car Breakdown Cover

I think you might have already guessed the technique I am going to tell you for reducing your car breakdown cover costs! If you are using RAC or Green Flag or another company, call all of them and negotiate!

  • Saving: £22 + 3 months extra last year (i..e 15 months cover rather than 12 months) (My quote was £90 and reduced to £68.

Using Spare and Used Car Parts

Since I started using replacement car parts I have saved several hundred pounds and I do use in Bristol.  I am what might be termed a big driver in terms of distance I drive each year, and I do enjoy doing my car up in my spare time and the cost of replacement parts when bought new can be astronomical. In the last few I have started buying re-conditioned reusable parts and the cost saving is certainly significant.

  • Saving £300 last year.

Petrol Costs

You might have read about in the last blog post.

  • Savings £££s – hard to estimate but certainly enough to make it worth using. 
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