Electric Window Regulator and Motor

Window regulator

When you are looking to buy an electric window regulator or motor to replace your old one it is important to match up the part numbers to be sure it’s the correct one for your car. Get it right the first time – You do not want to purchase the wrong one and then go through the process of finding the correct one all over again.

At Your Car Spares LtdĀ  – What we test and look for!!!!

The first thing we do to check if the window regulator and motor is working is to try and put the window down by pressing the window switch. If you find that your glass is juddering or moving slowly when going up or down this could mean a faulty part but it could also mean that the window regulator just needs lubricating. If your window isn’t moving at all then the next step would be to check the fuse. The fuse will be found in the interior fusebox and you can find the location of the specific fuse and the fusebox in your car manual or online. If you press the window switch and a hear a noise in the door then you can rule out the problem of a bad window switch and motor so the next course of action will be to remove the door panel.

Once the panel is off you can check to see the condition of the cables and the plastic clippings. If they are all good then you want to test the voltage that is being emitted and this is done by using a multimeter or voltmeter. You need to put the probes from the multimeter onto the wires of the motor to see what voltage is being given to the motor. Your multimeter should show a reading of 12 V, anything lower indicates a problem with the switch or the wiring. If you received a reading of 12 V or more then the problem lies with the motor or the regulator. You can also check to see if the motor is losing power by putting one wire from the multimeter on the motor wire and the other on the harness wire , this is called the drop testing voltage method.

Where to find the Part Number

In the following images we show you where to find the part number on a window regulator and a motor so you can cross reference it with your part number. There are various different styles of window regulator and we will show you three of them below.

window parts number

Where to find the window parts number

Parts number

Regulator number

Window spare regulator

Parts code

Parts code

seriel number

seriel number

How the Window Regulator and Motor works?

The electric window system is a very simple system that has been used in automobiles since 1940. There are two different wire circuits , one for opening the window and one for closing , so when you press the window switch it will close one of the circuits and open the other so the the motor knows which way it needs to run. Some window switches require you to press it once to make it go up or down but others you may need to keep pressure on the switch. Once you’ve pressed the switch and the circuit has been opened the motor then starts to turn a worm gear which is connected to the motor. The worm gear is connected to another gear which has teeth on the outside so when the worm gear moves it also moves. The worm gear needs to be on an angle so it can turn the gear and not vice versa otherwise it may create a potential hazard. The window regulator also has teeth that are connected to the gear’s teeth and will operate simultaneously with the motor by raising or lowering the glass. In order to balance the glass successfully there is a counter arm which is vital because it needs to make sure the glass is falling evenly and not on a slant.

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