Guide to Buying a Heater Blower Motor

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When you are looking to buy a heater blower motor to replace your old one it is important to match up the part numbers to be sure it’s the correct one for your car. Get it right the first time – You do not want to purchase the wrong one and then go though the process of finding the correct one all over again.

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Testing the heater blower motor is very simple and can be carried out quickly.  The first method is to simply turn the heater on. If you do this and aren’t receiving any air then this may be a fault with the blower motor , however , you want to check that it isn’t a problem with the heater resistor and you can do this by changing the power of the fan and feeling for any air. You should be able to hear the heater blower motor spinning but if you can’t then that could mean you have a faulty motor.

If your blower motor is spinning but making a squealing noise then it may need lubricating or there could be debris that is being caught up when the motor is spinning. Another common problem is that the fuse has blown , this can be checked by checking the condition of the fuse in the fusebox. If you have a faulty fuse and replace it with a new one which blows immediately then this is a problem with the electrical circuit.

Where to find the Part Number

The part number can be found on the back of the casing , this means that when you look at it in the car you are able to see the part number making it easy for you to order the correct part. 

Blower parts number

Finding the parts number

Boch heat blower number

Bosch heater blower parts number sample

How does a Heater Blower Motor work?

The heater blower sends air into the cabin of the car , this air will either come from inside the car or  outside the car. The air travels through the heater core creating a heat transfer where air inside the car will go outside and air outside the car will go inside. The heat that an engine makes will primarily be sent down the exhaust system but some of it will remain in the car and transfer to the coolant bottle. When the vehicle is at its operating temperature the thermostat will let coolant pass through it and go into the engine to cool it down. This warm coolant will then go through the radiator into the heater core which will then send the air into the cabin. The speed in which the heater blower performs is controlled by the heater resistor which can be set by changing the speed on your heater controls.

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