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When you are looking to buy a power steering pump to replace your old one it is important to match up the part numbers to be sure it’s the correct one for your car. Get it right the first time – You do not want to purchase the wrong one and then go though the process of finding the correct one all over again.

At All Your Spares LtdĀ  – What we test and look for!!!!

When testing a power steering pump the first thing we do is check that the steering isn’t stiff. If the steering feels stiff and requires more force to change the position of the wheels , then this may be a fault with the power steering. Another sign of a bad power steering pump is if you hear a squealing noise when going around tight corners or driving at slow speeds. We also check to see if there are any leaks by the power steering pump. A faulty power steering pump may have problems distributing or retaining power steering fluid so we need to check the power steering pump for any fluids. It’s also important to check the reservoir in which the power steering fluid is kept because if its emptying quicker than usual it can be a sign of a leak. If your reservoir is low or empty your power steering pump will make a whining noise when you turn the wheel. If you see foam or bubbles in the reservoir then this is caused by water or air mixing into the fluid through the lines. Sometimes your steering can feel perfectly normal one minute but then the next it can feel very strenuous when you need to turn it , this is caused by air going into the power steering fluid and into the steering system.

Where to find the Part Number

Some manufacturers will put the part numbers in different places. The part number is commonly found on the housing of the power steering pump but the exact position may vary. Below we will show you 2 examples of where you can find the part number. Also , some part numbers may be a sticker but others can be stamped into the housing which may make it hard to see.

Finding the pump number

Finding the power steering pump number

Serial code

Sample serial code

Unit number

Finding the parts number

MG Rover pump

How a Power Steering Pump works?

The power steering pump is used to put additional force onto the steering system when you turn the wheel. The pressure it provides comes from a rotary vane pump which is powered by the car’s engine. Inside this pump are retractable vanes that will spin inside an oval chamber and take power steering fluid from the lines at low pressure and distribute it at high pressure into the steering rack. As the pump is powered by the engine the speed in which the the pump flows is relative to the speed of the engine , meaning at high engine speeds the steering will operate quicker than an engine running at a lower speed. The pump has a pressure relief valve which will ensure the pressure isn’t too high , which is extremely effective on engines that are running at high speeds.

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