Windscreen Wiper and Headlight and Indicator Stalks


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When you are looking to buy a windscreen wiper or headlight / indicator stalk to replace your old one it is important to match up the part numbers and the graphics on the stalk to be sure it’s the correct one for your car. Get it right the first time – You do not want to purchase the wrong one and then go though the process of finding the correct one all over again.

At Your Car Spares Ltd  – What we test and look for!!!!

When testing a windscreen wiper or headlight stalk we have to go through all of the settings the stalks have and check each of them work as they are supposed to. Some headlight stalks may have different variations even though they are from the same car , for example one headlight stalk may operate the fog lights but in a car that doesn’t have fog lights this wouldn’t be needed so the graphic won’t be on the stalk , therefore it’s important to check your old part for these details before ordering a new one. We also test headlight stalks by signalling with the indicators then moving the steering wheel in that direction to see if it cancels the signal and that the stalk returns to its original place.

When testing windscreen wiper stalks we have to check that all of the speeds for the wipers work and that it activates the windscreen washers when the stalk is commanded to do so. Also we will look at the general condition of the stalks to check for mould or discolouration and that the graphics on the stalks aren’t too faded.

Where to find the Part Number on Windscreen Wiper

The part number is usually found by the pin connectors on the stalk which means you may need to remove the part from your vehicle to check. The part number will either by on a label or printed into the plastic. Below we will show you examples of where you can find the part number.

Windscreen wiper part

Where to find a windscreen wiper parts number

serial number on the wipers

Example of a serial number on the wipers

Windscreen wiper number

Windscreen wiper number


How do the stalks work?

The stalks are powered by the ignition which means they are unusable if the ignition is not on , allowing you not to worry about leaving the wipers on through the night and return to the car with a flat battery. The stalks are connected to a circuit which will open or close depending on what you do with them , for example if you choose to indicate by pushing the headlight stalk up then the power will be sent to the right indicator but if you leave the stalks in the original position then the power will remain in the stalks.

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Graphics on the stalks

As previously mentioned graphics on stalks may differ so it’s important that you carefully check the graphics on your part and the one you’re going to order. The most common difference in headlight / indicator stalks is that one may operate the fog lights. The most common difference in a wiper stalk is that it could’ve been removed from a model of car that doesn’t have a rear wiper motor which means there won’t be a setting to use the rear wiper motor. Another difference could be a different number of speed settings for the front wiper motor. Below is an example of a wiper stalk that was removed from the same car but one of the stalks doesn’t have the option to use the rear wiper motor.


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