5 Car Parts you Might End up needing to Replace

Blower motor

Blower motor part

Depending on how much you know about cars and how interested you are in managing and working on your car as opposed to driving it, will affect your understanding of the parts involved. You get that call after taking your car in for an MOT and are told that your blower motor part needs replacing and you might wonder what on earth the mechanic is on about.

Even if you are not particularly interested in cars and the mechanics, having some basic understanding of the key parts can be valuable in making the right decision when parts do need replacing. For peace of mind, actually understanding what is being done to your vehicle is valuable. So let me explain 10 of the parts we at  yourcarspares.co.uk most commonly provide replacement parts for:


This is a quite a common part which needs replacing and is a key electrical part of your vehicle. The alternator helps to keep the electricity fed between the car battery and stops the battery from going flat. The alternator is a vital working component of your car and do not be overly surprised if you have to replace this part. If your car battery keeps dying then the alternator could well be the issue. A good garage will easily be able to identify the problem and advise you if your alternator needs replacing. (Read about buying an alternator).

Starting Motor

Compressed air and fuel need to be fed into your engine and this is where the starting motor comes into play. This motor helps to turn the cylinder at a quick starting speed so that the air and fuel can initially be sucked into the engine in a compressed form. As a car owner, the starting motor is a part which can fail and might need replacing. Typical affects of a starting motor which needs replacing include:

  • Problems starting your car
  • Strange noises when starting the car

Power Steering Pump

Power steering spare part

Another part which your local garage might tell you needs replacing is your power steering pump. You might have begun to notice that the steering on your car has gradually been getting worse and if so, the power steering pump might be the problem. Leaking oil and red oily stains on the engine can sometimes be signs of a problem steering pump when you open the bonnet of your car. This is a relatively cheap to replace and personally I’d recommend to let your local or trusted garage change it. (More on power steering pumps).

Air Con Compressor

Not perhaps as important as parts such as an alternator, fuel pump or the steering pump, the air conditioning compressor is a part which certainly is worth changing if it is faulty. This piece does as you might expect in that it is responsible for cooling you down on a hot day. With much newer cars, the air con system is less likely to go wrong (or shouldn’t go wrong at least) whilst in much older vehicles, you may find that you need to at some point, replace the compressor. You can ignore fixing this part but you might find that on a very hot summers day (on those rare days in the British summer) you will very likely need this part to be working. (Learn about how to buy a car air conditioning compressor).

Electric Window Regulator

This part does not really alter the ability for your car to run in terms of moving the car, yet have you ever tried driving and also storing your car, with a window which you can never put up? The window regulator more often than not thus becomes a part which cannot be ignored when it needs replacing. The good news is that an electric window regulator can also often be replaced as a used part (yourcarspares.co.uk sell these parts nationwide) and thus become an affordable part to replace.

It is a relatively small job to replace this part (compared to most other car parts) and can be completed often whilst you wait (if using a garage). If your window does not move up or down then it is most likely this part that needs to be replaced.

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