Guide to Replacing Car Lights

Rear car lights

When you are looking to buy or replace rear lights, headlights, fog lights or indicator lens for your car you need to check the part number and the design of the light to be sure it’s the correct one for your car. Get it right the first time – You do not want to purchase the wrong one and then go though the process of finding the correct one all over again.

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The first thing we is the condition of them. We need to ensure that there are no cracks , condensation or water in the lens and that the general condition of the light is at a good standard , for example the fitting brackets being complete and not damaged. The most common problem with faulty lights is that a bulb is blown , this can be fixed easily and at a small cost. We always sell our lights with bulbs. When checking headlights we also need to check that the headlight motor works and this is done by selecting each of the settings on the headlight switch and checking the light it emits.

Where to find the Part Number

The part number on lights will be on the back so it doesn’t obstruct any light passing through. Usually it will be a sticker but sometimes it may be printed into the plastic. Below we will show you examples of where to find the part number.

Finding the lights parts number

Finding the parts number on a light

serial number

Back lights

GM code

Car manufactures may decide to upgrade or change some aspects of the car throughout manufacturing and this is called a ‘facelift’. Usually the main changes in a facelift are cosmetic , for example a change in the style of rear lights , so it is important you know whether the light your replacing is a facelift model. Some manufacturers may facelift the car a few times so it is also important you know which facelift your car is , more often than not it will be changed from a certain year but some car manufactures offer different lights for certain editions or trim levels of the car. If you are purchasing a rear light you also need to ensure that the light you are buying is the same body shape and number of doors otherwise it may not fit because some body shapes will have bigger lights than others.

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How do Headlights work ?

Headlights are usually made of polycarbonate plastic but in older vehicles they may be made of glass. Headlights are part of an internal electrical system and the process of how a light works is incredibly simple and similar to other household circuits , such as a heating system , in that it uses a closed-loop system / circuit ; this means that when the headlight switch is turned it opens the circuit which results in power being unable to reach headlights , and when you turn the headlight switch on the opposite will happen.

Some model of cars will have an electric motor on the headlight which is responsible for the level and direction that the headlight is facing allowing you to easily change it through a switch on the dashboard so you can illuminate the road ahead of you.

How do Rear Lights work ?

Rear lights , or tailgate lights , are an instrumental part of safety for both pedestrians and other road users. They allow you to inform drivers behind you when you are braking and signalling . plus at night time it will allow them to see you from a distance. Rear lights contain an LED bulb inside a waterproof case which is made of plastic. The rear lights are on the same closed-loop circuit as the headlights meaning that when you indicate , the signal will go to the headlights and rear lights at the same time.

How do Indicators work ?

Indicators , or turn signals , has a circuit which is powered when the ignition is on. This power goes to a thermal flasher and then into the indicator stalk. Once at the stalk the power will either remain in the stalk or will get sent to your indicator or , if your headlight has a built in indicator , to the headlight.

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