Avonmouth Car Parts and Vehicle Collection

Driving an Astra

Avonmouth is an important area in Bristol for the movement of cars and vehicles with this location an important freight and distribution area. As a port area on the outskirts of the city of Bristol, Avonmouth is an industrial and rural area with a connection to the M5 which bisects this area.

Avonmouth Scrap Cars

As a company, we often aid in the removal or car parts and the removal of all vehicles which need to be removed as write-offs, end of life, and MOT failure vehicles. All vehicles we take for scrap and disposed of in such a sway as to meet environmental regulations and we pay for scrap parts.  You simply call us on telephone: 0117 904 7508 and we take details of your vehicles, such as registration, make of car, year, if it is petrol or diesel etc and we will then quote you a price for the cash value of your vehicle. We can normally collect the car the same day.

Bristol Based and Owned

We are a Bristol based and Bristol owned business and have collection vehicles ready and on-hand at short notice. We able to offer cash for the spare parts which can be re-used and the process is one which is very simple and straight-forward. If you need a breaker or car dismantler this is also a part of our service.