Environmental Considerations when Scrapping a Car


One of the reasons why it can be beneficial to scrap your car with an experienced company is because of the strict regulations surrounding the environmental policy. The recycling and disposal of the metals, the car parts including lights, the oil and the other components of a vehicle should meet the standards set out by the Environmental Agency.

One of the main rules surrounding the scrapping of a car was introduced in 2005 and this states that cars must be scrapped in an authorised treatment facility, the importance of which is clear when you consider that even the liquids you have to dispose of are likely to include:

  • Battery acid
  • Engine oil
  • Anti-freeze
  • Brake fluid
  • Chemicals in some types of air bags in some cars

Consider also that in addition to metals and liquids, glass and plastics from the car need to be disposed off in such as way that no long term environmental damage is created. More than a million cars a year are scrapped and the potential damage which could otherwise be done to the environment is quite clear.

The Process

There are various stages in the process in terms of how ATFs (Authorised Treatment Facility) dispose of cars which are sent for scrap.

  • Tyres – The waste tyres that are no longer suitable for use on vehicles due to wear or irreparable damage are recycled and cost a ATF approximately £1.00 per tyre to dispose of. They contain a number harmful components, It is estimated that 260 million tires are recycled annually. Waste Tyres are an attractive target for recycling and are used on Children play areas, basketball courts and new shoe product.
  • Car Battery – The acid in the battery has to be carefully removed and recycled.
  • Parts – Other parts of the car such as switches are removed and sorted.
  • A depollution rig is then normally used to manage the liquids.
  • The car is eventually crushed for recycling to make many products like new cars and kettles.

You the Owner

As the owner of the car which is being scrapped, the good news is that you can make money by selling your end-of-life car or vehicle, accident damaged, non runner or MOT failed car. A company such as All Car Spares Ltd can sometimes use some of the parts for resale and this means the opportunity to compensate you the owner for the vehicle.

When you scrap a car you will be provided with a Certificate of Destruction issued by the DVLA. This Certificate should be kept it has your details and the ATFs details printed on it.

Further Information

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