Scrap my Car – Questions and Answers

scrap mondeo

My Car has no wheels! Can you still collect it?

It really depends on the location and situation but please call us on tel: 01495 687 687 and we can discuss things. If at all possible we WILL collect the vehicle and then safely dispose of it.

The vehicle is in really bad condition. Will you still take it

The amount of money we pay you for the car is dependent on the age and vehicle type and parts that can be re-used. Vehicles that we can retrieve parts for re-sale mean that we can offer you more money than for a vehicle that has little scrap value. Give us a call and we can give you a clear and definite answer to what we can pay and if we can collect it.

What days do you collect?

Collection of written off, end-of-life and other cars ready for scrap, we can collect normally any day or evening except for Sunday’s (with the exception of bank holidays). We will though agree with you a collection day that suits you, when we talk with you over the phone.

Do I get extra money for the fuel?

Petrol and diesel are certainly not cheap, we appreciate. We do pay a bit more if the tank has over half a tank of fuel in it. Our approach to this is different to all other scrap car company’s.

What documentation do you need from me when collecting the scrap car?

When we collect the vehicle from you we will usually ask for a photo ID (driving licence), the vehicle’s log book, the car key/s and the loging wheel nut/bolt key. Call us if you are unsure about the documentation and we can discuss this.

Do I need to get the vehicle ready in any way for you?

There is nothing you need to do really except to ensure that you have removed everything from the car that you need i.e. personal belongings and so on. Also if you can prepare the paperwork and have the keys ready, this is sufficient.

Must I get in contact with the DVLA for this process?

No need to, we notify the DVLA of the official scrapping of the vehicle and we provide you with a certificate of destruction after the vehicle has been scrapped. (The vehicle must first be scrapped and then a certificate of destruction can then be given).

I have lost the logbook. Can I still scrap my car?

Yes, it is possible without the log book but we will need some proof that you are the owner of the vehicle being scrapped.

Do I need to be available when you collect the vehicle?

It is often easier if you are able to be present when we make the collection but it is not absolutely necessary. We would need though to organize collection or to see the documentation and to collect the keys.


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