How can I Scrap my Car in Wales?

Knowing exactly what you should do if you want to scrap your car because it has broken down one time too many; because it simply won’t work; was in a road traffic accident and no longer is useable; or because it has simply grown too old; can be confusing. Whether you live in Newport, Cardiff, Chepstow, Pontypool, Cwmbran, Aberdare, or any other local area, we can help! To make the process clear though, below we explain the process in full and explain the considerations.

1. Can I just leave the car where it is?

You have a legal obligation to ensure that the vehicle is correctly disposed of and you will want to get an official document called a “Certificate of Destruction“. This certificate confirms that you have correctly disposed of the vehicle and will mean that you do not have problems such as with road tax for the car in the future

You also cannot just dump the car anywhere. Laws dictate that you are supposed to (and we strongly recommend that you do) dispose of your vehicle such that the chemicals and metals are recycled and disposed of safely and in line with government guidelines.

2. So how do I do all of this?

The process is actually quite easy because company’s such as Your Car Spares specialise in taking care of all aspects of this process. So if your broken down car that you want to dispose of is sat in your car drive-way in Merthyr Tydfil for example, and you do not know what to do, give us a call on Phone: 01495 687 687

We organise the collection of the car, using our truck which is enabled with lifting equipment and so we can normally retrieve just about any vehicle, no matter what the state or location. We then arrange for the complete SAFE and LEGAL disposal of your car and we will provide you with the certificate  of “Certificate of Destruction”.

3. Can’t I sell the scrap metal?

In effect that is what you are doing when using a scrap my car service such as ours because we pay you a percentage of the scrap metal. We take our costs from the scrap metal costs and we then pay you a fair percentage! However if the car is worth more for example because it’s newer then we pay more for that vehicle because the parts are worth more when we sell them on to the Public, Mechanics or  Company’s in the Motor Trade.

4. Is there anything else to consider?

No, not really. We would organise for your information to be forwarded to the Department of Transport so that they have on record a copy of your Certificate of Destruction. This will be added to your personal driver file and to the national vehicle register.

The most important thing is to make sure that the car is disposed of correctly, legally and safely and to have the paperwork in order!

Phone: 01495 687 687


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