What to do with my Old Caravan. Scrapping a Caravan or Motorhome

Motorhome for scrap

If it’s time to scrap your caravan or motor-home because it’s rusty, it leaks and therefore is damp and smelly, or has just seen much better days, or what ever the reason for needing to scrap your vehicle, there are right and wrong ways to to do it right!

I would recommend to treat scrapping your caravan or motorhome in the same way you would when scrapping a car most car. Most ATFs (Authorized Treatment Facility) will take your caravan or motorhome and dispose of it correctly, so you can rest assured that it has been scrapped responsible.

The Paperwork

Make sure the paperwork is in order – Make sure you have paper work to prove who took it away and disposed of it. Get a receipt from the ATF and they should in turn take your details including a photo ID.


Making Money

Money for your Caravan or Motorhome – A payment for your  caravan or motorhome depends a lot on the distance needed in order for the vehicle to be collected, the size of the caravan or motor-home, location (easy access), work needed to make it roadworthy (wheels seized etc). So with this in mind, you might find yourself having to pay for your caravan or motorhome to be scrapped.

Abandoned Caravans or Motorhomes

Caravan park owners and storage facility’s owners often tend to check for abandoned caravans or motorhomes at the end of their licence agreement because the caravan or motorhome is no long wanted due to it’s age, its poor condition, and sometimes because the owner cannot afford the cost of relocated it.

In most cases the only option is for the caravan or motorhome to be scraped. Before a park owner or storage facility are able to do this though, they must follow the correct procedures set out in the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977. If these procedures are not followed before the disposal of the caravan or motorhome, the park owner or storage facility may find themselves faced with legal action from the unhappy owner.

Following the Torts Act, the park owners or storage facility has a defence for scrapping the caravan or motorhome. It requires them to send the vehicle owner a Torts Notice and there are specific legal requirements that the notice must meet. Obviously before sending a Torts Notice, make every effort to contact the caravan or motorhome owner in order to resolve the matter, making sure that your process is documented and copies of all correspondence is kept.

If you require advice on abandoned caravans or motorhomes on your park or storage facility  and require advice on the procedure to be followed contact the parks team by telephone 01392 207020 or email.

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