Should I Scrap or Sell my Car

The question of whether to scrap or sell an old or damaged vehicle is a question we get asked often and the answer is that there are benefits to both. So in the post below is some information that hopefully will make the decision easier for you.

Hassle Free and Quick – Scrapping Car

One of the easiest and quickest ways to get rid of a car or other type of vehicle that you no longer want, is to scrap the vehicle via a reputable scrap dealer (such as Your Car Spares). Indeed, this way of getting rid of a vehicles has definite benefits in that it means you can:

  • Get rid of the vehicle normally within 48 hours.
  • Receive some money for the spare re-usable parts.
  • Have the car scrapped legally in line with government scrappage rules.
  • Receive a certificate of scrappage.

You can find a list of Frequently asked questions on scraping your car through a scrap dealer on on blog. To explain some key points here though:

The key to scrapping your car this way is not that you will necessarily receive a large amount of money for the vehicle but that the collection and removal of the vehicle is done for you. If you call us on Phone: 01495 687 687 for example, we can often have your vehicle collected the next day. Many cars that we collect have been written off or might be a non-starter (meaning that the vehicle is broken down and will not start).

In a sense it is also not a question of scrapping your car or selling it because if you scrap it through a company such as “Your Car Spares” you get paid anyway for the scrap!

Furthermore, time as touched on above, can be saved and the time better spent on other matters for yourself. Indeed, if the focus is on getting rid of a vehicle in a timely, effortless way and making some money in return, using a company such as ‘Your Car Spares’ can be a great option.

Selling your Car Online

Certainly if you have the time then this is an option. This is more suitable as an option though for cars that are in great condition and that are likely to get you a significant income from the sale. For cars that are:

  • At the end of their life (i.e .old aged cars).
  • Written off such as because of a accident.
  • Not working (known in the industry as non-runners)

then selling online tends not to be the best option because individual buyers are unlikely to be interested and have the expertise in removing these vehicles in such condition. Selling your own vehicle yourself certainly though can be suitable such as for a vehicle that is just a few years old, in good condition and for which there is a good chance of a sale.

So Which is the Best Option for me?

In all honesty, it really depends on the available time you have, the condition of your vehicle, and the inclination you have to want to make the effort needed or not. If your vehicle is clearly an end-of-life vehicle; is in your way and you would be delighted just to get it removed; simply does not run; or comes under the category of scrappable in your eyes, then we would love to hear from you. Phone: 01495 687 687.

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