10 Christmas Present Ideas for Car and Motoring Enthusiasts

If you are or are married to a car and motoring enthusiast and looking for some Christmas ideas, let me suggest ten ideas which are affordable and which I can personally recommend. Let us also know your own ideas at the bottom of this post with your own suggestions in the comments section. So here goes:

1. Top Gear DVD or Magazine Subscription
Top Gear DVD

Even though Jeremy Clarkson and his two side-kicks are no longer a part of the show, there are a number of DVDs available via amazon.co.uk and good DVD stores including my favourites:

  • The Patagonia Special – their entertaining trip in South America,
  • Top Gear: 50 Years of Bond Cars
  • Top Gear: best of British

An easy watch and something enjoyable over xmas for the family often enjoy to sit and watch together and a cheap and easy gift for less than £10.

2. Supercar Driving Experience

The supercar experience is one that is a fantastic present for those of you who enjoy a good adrenaline rush. A company such as Virgin Experience days offer

Driving experience

Company’s such as Virgin Experiences offer a number of car options including the chance to drive a, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Porsche. Prices tend to start from around £59 for a basic one car three lap drive and you can normally choose the vehicle you wish to drive. A package I tried and can recommend is the ‘Fantastic Four’ package where you get to drive 4 cars including a Lamborghini and Aston Martin.

3. Stunt Car Driving Experience

Another experience you might wish to buy as a Christmas present is the high adrenaline opportunity to try stunt car driving (such as with www.stuntdriveuk.com). This is a truly unique experience which is great fun and always very memorable.

4. Car Key Ring

Not every gift has to be expensive and some of the simplest and less expensive ones can sometimes prove to be the most used and appreciated. getting a car key ring is a simple present which makes a nice stocking filler and will probably get used daily.

5. 2016 Ferrari Calendar

Another inexpensive gift and one which might get used on a daily basis is a Ferrari or alternative motoring calendar. The Calendar Cub (got to the transport section) always have a number of car and motoring related calendars including the following:

  • Original Mini
  • Ferrari
  • Dream Car
  • Volkswagen Beetle

6. Magnetic Windscreen Cover

An extremely useful and handy gift in the winter months, this gift normally comes in under £10 and can be ordered online from company’s such as from presentsformen.co.uk

7. A MotoGraph

You may or may not have heard of a Motograph. If you haven’t, a motograph is a photograph of the old cars which are considered part of heritage. Go onto a site such as www.motorgraphs.com and you can create a bespoke multi photo collage of old cars and get the image frames or on canvas and thus designed as personalised gift. A wonderful gift for people who love old cars.

8. Ferrari Perfume

Head to any decent health and beauty store and you should see the Ferrari perfume. If you car loving wife then this is an interesting option.


9. Kamasa spanner set

If the gift recipient is someone who lives to get hands on with their own vehicle then a spanner set such as a Kamasa one is a great option. Kamasa do good quality sets and are a good brand.

10. New Tom Tom

One of the best GPS brands, you might want to buy a brand new Tom Tom for your motor lover. You can buy direct from Tom Tom or from a high street store such as Halfords.

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