Annual Classic Car and Bike Shows in Bristol for Auto Fanatics

Classic car

If you live in the Bristol and surrounding area (or even if you do not) and love classic cars, there are some fantastic shows on in the local areas every year. Below I highlight a few of the best in the local area.

Bristol Classic Car Show

  • When: June annually (usually the third weekend of the month
  • Location: Bath & West Showground
  • Cost: Parking is normally free and ticket prices range from £10 – £20 depending on if you book in advance and various concessionary options.
  • Official Site: Classic Car Show

Location of the Bristol and Bath Showgrounds

The classic car show is held in the showgrounds and is a show which has been running for over 35 years and has gathered a special following since over the years. Collectors, fanatics and enthusiasts from across the UK. Many enthusiasts though also come across from mainland Europe especially for the show.

Expect to see everything from ‘Edsel Rangers’, the ‘MG MGAs’, ‘Volkwagen Transports’, and ‘Ford Mustangs’ and dozens more cars you may not have seen in a good old while.

Classic Vehicle Restoration Show

  • When: Nomrally held in the first week of November each year.
  • Location: Bath & West Showground
  • Cost: This one day show usually costs around £10 entrance on the day.
  • Official Site: Restoration Show

A relatively small one day event, this is a great show if you live in the Bristol and surrounding area and are involved with, or have any interest at all in the restoration of classic or old vehicles. If you just enjoy heritage and seeing transportation and vehicles from the past, you will also most likely enjoy this show.

Classic Bike Show Bristol

This 2 day event which takes place usually in the first week or February, is the best event in the Bristol and Bath region if you are interested in classic bikes. Many of the regional bike clubs are represented at this show and the event includes an auction and a market place in the main hall. If you loves classic bikes, you will love this show.

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