Cardiff – Scrap My Car

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We collect scrap vehicles and cars from all areas of Cardiff and the surrounding area including from the city centre, Canton, Heath, Roath, Pontcanna and Llandaff. Whatever the reason you need to scrap your vehicle we have a dedicated and professional team who collect vehicles from the location of your choice, whether it be from your work place, your home or from the location where your car is stuck i.e. broken down.

Scrappage Process Made Easy

  • All you need to do is call us and arrange a collection time and we will collect the vehicle and dispose of the vehicle to meet all UK environmental requirements ie recycling regulations.
  • Scrapping a vehicle can be a hassle but we make this whole process very easy for you. We help you with the paperwork which must be completed for the DVLA when a vehicle is scrapped.

Non runner car

Commonly Asked Questions

Can’t I just scrap my own car? – We provide a recovery vehicle and also very importantly, a car for example has numerous dangerous liquids in it such as from the car battery. These liquids can be dangerous if not disposed of correctly to the environment and the person scrapping the vehicle. We ensure your car are correctly recycled, we use environmentally friendly disposal locations which are certified by the government.


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