Chepstow Scrap Car Collection


Driving to Chepstow

A beautiful town in Wales, in the Monmouthshire region, Chepstow is also home to Chepstow race-courseand the 11th century Chepstow Castle. Chepstow is also one of the key areas that YourCarSpares services from your our Newport base. For the Chepstow and Monmouthshire area we offer the following services:

  • Free collection for End of Life Vehicles (ELV’s), accident damaged and non runners.
  • Vehicle dismantling and safe disposal.
  • Use of a Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) in line with government regulations.
  • We are happy to collect from any part of Chepstow including from your home, road-side or workplace!
  • Reliable and professional service.


Chepstow Collections: Common Questions and the Answers:

My car doesn’t run at all. Can you still collect it: We have a fleet of pick-up trucks especially designed for safe and efficient removal of your vehicle including at road side. Your vehicle does not need to be road worthy nor running. We are able to winch your vehicle and remove it, before safely scrapping the car.

How much will I get for my vehicle scrap value? The price is really dependent on the make, model, age conditionand a few other considerations.

Do need to tell the DVLA? Yes. Once we have collected the car, you will need to sent a Certificate of Destruction or you could be fined. Do not worry as we provide you with a certificate of destruction which you then send to them.


Stuck in Chepstow for a Day?

Tintern Abbey – If you are interested in castles then Tintern Abbey and its ruins are very worthwhile seeing. I would in fact recommend driving especially for this and Chepstow Castle. Don’t wait until you have broken down in Chepstow to visit!

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